Yuichi Asai

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Institute of Engineering, Division of Language and Culture Studies

Areas of Expertise

Cultural Anthropology, Fiji & South Pacific Studies

Linguistic/Semiotic Anthropology, Ethnography of Communication, Ethnopoetics

Poetry, Ritual, Myth, Nature/Culture, Environmental Discourse

Recent Updates

2021. 9    Harvard - Yenching Institute Training Program in Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology (led by Professor Nicholas Harkness)

2020. 4    Tracing Ancestral Vestige/Figure: Figure-Ground Reversal, Semiosis, or Realism in the South Pacific.

                Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology  Vol. 84, No. 4.  (Extended Summary)

                (Special Issue: "Dynamics in the Indexical Process of Signification: Perspectives from Linguistic Anthropology")