Selected Publications


Semiotics of Ritual: Linguistic Anthropological Study on Myths / Poetic Texts in Melanesia, Fiji. Tokyo: Sangensha. (2017)



This ethnography focuses on the two poetic "texts" in contemporary Fiji: 1) the official colonial-time documents which have stipulated the ownership relationship between land (vanua) and social groups since the colonial period, 2) the chiefly installation ritual which was held in the Dawasamu district of Tailevu province in 2010 for the first time in 30 years, and it reveals the semiotic connection, or meta-pragmatics, of the two texts through analyzing colonial documents, ritual utterances, mythical narratives, and digital archives from a linguistic anthropological perspective.  

On Translation: Grounding Semiotics and Translation Studies, or On the Transformative Process of Diversifying the World

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Is translation simply a matter of paraphrasing what is said in one language in another? By reexamining modern and contemporary translation and finding ideologies such as nationalism, linguistic purism, and normocentrism behind it, we will present a framework for viewing translation - interlingual, intralinguistic, and intersymbolic translation - as a whole on the ground of socio-cultural communication, including dialect, pragmatics, and interaction. -This book presents a framework for viewing translation in its entirety. In other words, this book presents an overall picture of translation and contemporary translation studies by depicting translation as a symbolic process of communication events and their chains that occur in sociocultural spaces.


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